Coaching is a guidance for professional self-reflection. It is

  • voluntary
  • goal-oriented
  • time bound

As a systemic coach, I accompany the process and support you in finding your own solutions by asking questions. Systemic coaching is understood as a resource- and solution-oriented process.

As a person, you are part of several systems on which you have influence and which influence you. Each system is different and constantly changing. In coaching, systemic means to become aware of your environment and to look closely at the influences, patterns and expectations and to find sustainable solutions for yourself and your current challenges.

Methodologically, I like to work with a variety of questions and creative methods such as a system board, small questionnaires and / or short exercises.

You want to make an appointment – online or offline?

  • My on-site coaching-session I am currently offering at ZIMD, 1180 Vienna, Währinger Str. 81/12.
  • For the online coaching I send you in advance a zoom-link.





„After a long stay abroad, Irene Rojnik helped me to reorientate myself professionally and to keep my perspective. Not only through her warm and understanding manner, but also through her gift of bringing structure to thoughts and asking the right questions.“ (Eva G.)

„As a manager of a small, but diverse team doing fundraising, I needed Irene’s support to help me define a vision for the team. Her impulses on recognising the strengths, talents – also the special “intelligences” and particular needs for support of every member of my team, lead me to the right management strategy. I appreciated very much Irene’s systemic approach to working with teams and her smooth but visionary lead through processes. While stimulating consistent discussions, Irene creates an emotional and social comfort in the room, where discussions are taking place. I would very much recommend Irene for moments, where teams seem to have lost the “fille rouge”, which bring all of us together and lead to a success for the organisation.“ (Raluca Verweijen-Slamnescu – Programme and Projects International Director at CONCORDIA Social Projects)

„You always feel in good hands with Irene Rojnik – whether in individual coaching or in group seminars led by her or in co-facilitation, in which I have been able to participate so far (inclusive and authentic leadership; discovering one’s own multiple intelligences): she conveys content in a clearly structured and logically comprehensible way and always finds the right balance between theoretical input, practical experimentation and individual or group reflection. She treats the participants with respect, coupled with a lot of empathy and humour, quickly adapts to the needs of the group, but picks up each individual where he/she is at the moment. Even in challenging situations in group seminars, Irene always keeps a cool head and her positive approach to things. I am already looking forward to the next seminar or workshop with her.“ (Mag. Wolfgang Rauter MA)

„Irene Rojnik has provided coaching, training and strategic support to the Girl Guides of Hungary during a four year co-operation. Her contribution helped our national board to develop a vision statement, formulate and stick to our strategic plans, organise and pace our workload while having an option to consult her on a regular basis on any arising questions. Her support strengthened communication channels in the team, improved decision-making methods and her involvement increased professionalism in general throughout the organisation.
Irene Rojnik is reliable and extremely well-organised, and adapts herself easily to any environment and audience. She is consistent in offering a flexible, pleasant and focused performance. She is diplomatic and has experience with handling sensitive or confidential information. Her creativity is paired with practical intelligence, which make her an efficient and resourceful professional with an extremely versatile background.“ (Eszter Toth, President of Hungarian Girl Guides)

How can I prepare for coaching?
If you want to make use of coaching, I recommend to think about the topic you want to discuss as precisely as possible. Here are a few questions to help you decide, what the frame for your topic is:

  • What is the topic? What is it really about?
  • Imagine that the coaching is finished:
    • What do you know then?
    • What outcome would you be satisfied with?
    • What result would you like to have in hand?